Hay Fever Treatment With Essential Oils

Hay Fever is an inflammation of the lining of the nose resulting from an allergic reaction caused by airborne pollen released by plants and flowers during the spring and summer months.
The symptoms, similar to those of the common cold are sneezing, streaming eyes, runny or blocked nose, headaches and a general feeling of malaise. These symptoms can sometimes be more serious, such as constricted chest leading to breathing difficulties, known as seasonal asthma.
These symptoms are an allergic reaction of the body to what it perceives as external invasion. Pollen can trigger such reactions for some people.
Allergies are associated with the level of histamine, a protein that the body releases in response to injury or tissue damage. Histamine brings extra blood to the affected area to helps with the repair of damaged cells or tissues. The release of histamine is a normal defense mechanism.
However, in allergic reactions, the level of histamine produced is excessive.

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